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  1. riccardo

    Reccomendations for a small, low cost microcontroller ith BLE support

    Hello, Can anyone reccomend a small, low cost microcontroller with Bluetooth support. This chip current shortage is making it hard to find good parts :( Thank you
  2. T


  3. D

    16 Servo Board

    Hi. I have the WT servo 16 board from WitMotion. I would like to know if there is another application for android in addition to the one offered by the motherboard manufacturer. Also I would like to know how to connect the HC-06 bluetooth module on the WT servo 16 board. Link WT servo 16...
  4. G

    Trouble with TPA 3116 amplifier powered by 6S 25.2V 15A 18650 Charger

    I am having trouble getting my DAMGOO TPA 3116 Bluetooth amplifier board to power up from an Anmbest 6S 25.2V 15A 18650 charger PCB BMS protection board. The battery pack is wired according to instructions with six 18650 rechargeable batteries. I have charged the battery pack. It tests at 19.4...
  5. sr13579

    How to make a bluetooth joystick with Arduino?

    Hello Friends, I have an idea about this. For making this I need joystick, Arduino,bluetooth Module(HC05). But I need to know how to connect HC-05 as a bluetooth keyboard interface? And how to program the whole thing?
  6. G

    Special development board

    Hello Currently the Grape-Express Mini development board is on Kickstarter. It's a microcontroller board like the Arduino Mega2560 R3, but this board includes a lot more than just Bluetooth, Wifi, and self-sufficiency. If there is interest, then look on the web page. The goal is not set high but...
  7. S

    Help with Bluetooth audio receiver board CSR8675

    So I bought this cheap bluetooth receiver along side a class-d amplifier board in hopes of connecting the two together to make a portable bluetooth speaker. This chinese amplifier board uses 12-24V dc and has a power out connection which provides 5V dc (probably specifically designed for a...
  8. sr13579

    How to connect this audio amplifier bluetooth receiver with switches?

    Hello guys! I found this board with 25W + 25W audio output and I found that this thing has a switch controller for music and volume. But I couldn't find how to solder them. Is there anyone who used this board? Could you please help me with a diagram?
  9. sr13579

    What is the pinouts for this module?

    I specially need those 4 pins togather on one aide of this module.
  10. sr13579

    JDY-62 Datasheet required!

    Hello Friends! Can you help me with the pinouts of this bluetooth audio receiver module?
  11. L

    Weird static in the Bluetooth FM transmitter

    I have a Bluetooth->FM transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter receptacle. In one particular car, it starts producing loud static over the music whenever the car hits a small bump. If I then remove the transmitter and plug it back in, the static is gone until the next bump or rapid...
  12. B

    Need advice on repairing a wireless speaker

    Hi, I'm a novice electronics guy and I just blew my wireless speaker because I tried to do a simple repair to the DC input and bodged the polarity. The speaker system is: House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Wireless Speaker I can't find any schematics for it nor can I see any visible damage...
  13. sr13579

    What is the name of this IC used in bluetooth audio receiver and FM radio?

    I bought tgis cheap bluetooth receiver that has a chip #AC1805E88767 or something like that with symbol of PI(3.1416) on it? I tried to search about this IC but nothing comes up. I tried to take a photo but the chip is very small. Does any of you know about this chip?
  14. sr13579

    How to make a bluetooth robo controller app?

    Hello everyone, First I am saying sorry for this post because I think it is not a pure electrical thing. I was looking for someone who can give me an exact source file or teach me about how to integrate bluetooth in android app to control a bot. I am just looking for a very easy code either...
  15. C

    Bluetooth 101 - novice question

    Not an engineer. Just someone trying to investigate a product idea. Have technical questions, eager to learn. If you can take a moment to point the way, I'd appreciate it immensely. Suppose I use an app on my smart phone to set an alarm on a paired, bluetooth-enabled alarm clock. The alarm is...
  16. WHYnot86

    Design assistance needed - Bluetooth controlled LED

    Hi, I am looking to build a Bluetooth controlled LED circuit. There must be 4 separately addressable LED arrays each with driver to control current. A battery, charger and protection circuit. A sensor to measure distance from the LED's to the surface they are lighting up. A sensor to measure...
  17. R

    Usb or bluetooth accelerometer

    Hi everyone, I am new to electronics. I know just enough to understand how things can work together and a limited understanding of circuit boards and how things work. I can remove and replace parts on boards but i need help. I have a project that has been bugging me for years, yes years... I...
  18. B

    Monitors-PC Interface

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new project in which I want to create multiple games inside one room. Those games will use electronics and mechanics. So for almost everyone of this games I'll need to have a monitor and a microcontroller. Besides that i'll have a main pc interfacing with the...
  19. M

    Bluetooth Noob

    Hi Can someone give me some info on how to get started with Bluetooth ? I want to send the output of a multimeter via Bluetooth. Is there an out of the box solution ? (It's for a proof of concept so something that I could just hookup and pair would be good) Any ideas on how to get started ...
  20. R

    Arduino Wireless Master to multiple Slaves.

    Hi all, This is my first post in this forum, as I'm mainly involved in Microcontrollers (PICS etc.) ... I have a requirement where I want to use an Arduino as a front end master controllers to some sort of a wireless duplex network, 'talking to' a series of battery powered mobile slaves units...
  21. atferrari

    RN42 Bluetooth + PIC 18F - hardware flow control RTS / CTS

    I intend to control an RN42 Bluetooth module with a 18F PIC micro expecting to receive big chunks of data from the RN42 / send big chunks of data to the RN42 Regarding the RTS / CTS signals, please tell if I got this right whether the module is in "command" or "data" mode. Micro's RTS pin to...

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