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/Many/ years ago - the 1970s I saw an electronic project in a practical car magazine for a combined Accelerometer / Decelerometer. Interesting, but I never built it.

I now own an electric vehicle. The vehicle recharges the battery when slowing, when the foot is removed from the accelerator. Trouble is, the 'engine braking' is relatively strong, much more so than a petrol or diesel engine, and vehicles behind frequently don't realise I'm slowing down.

What I want to do is craft a very basic, adjustable so I can tune it, decelerometer which I'll mount appropriately and which will power a relay which I'll set across the brake light circuit. Having seen a plan for one before (OK, 30 years ago) I keep thinking there must be a plan out there. Can't find one. Has anyone seen one?

Many thanks!

Not open for further replies.

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