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DC Motor Driving Board Problems

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Good morning all,

I am working to troubleshoot a piece of equipment, pool cleaner, that is malfunctioning, this is the only PCB in the device, so I'm certain the problem is with this. What is happening is when the cleaner receives power, it will start up in about 5 seconds, run for about 1 second, then stop all together. The (outboard, outside of the cleaner) power supply for this board is 30vDC, and I know that works per my meter.

I have attached a few pictures of the board in question, the three wires coming out are the input wires, there are two sets of spade plugs those are the outputs to the motors. There is what looks like a leaky capacitor, I did order that and will be replacing that...could that cause the problem? I know enough to fix, not enough to troubleshoot/read the board and know that actually is the problem and could cause that.

Thanks for any help,


board3.jpg board2.jpg board1.jpg


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Certainly appears to be a problem cap that requires changing, also check the underside of the PCB for contamination etc.

dr pepper

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Yes looks like the cap has been leaking electrolyte.
If replacing it doesnt fix it, maybe the processor is detecting an overcurrent on one of the motors & shutting down, in which case take a good look at the motors.
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