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DC link Choke Inductance and currrent calculation


New Member
hi all.
Today i was searching about dc link choke for vfd project. I have already found some formulas and calculations.my project will monophase power supply(230Vrms) and three phase motor drive(max 1kW for begin),50Hz.
At inductance formula there is a "% impedance required from the DC choke " . I didnt know that ,so what is it ? Is anyone have an idea ? At the YASKAWA GmbH 's frequently asked question(attached) ,they are telling that ". Consequently when the voltage drop of an AC reactor is 3% the voltage drop has to be 6% on a DC choke to get the same effect. " . So at Yaskawa 's example it uses 0,06 constant. But what should i use on my project and also what is that about ? How can i determine required impedance ?
Lots of thanks.Hans.


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