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DAQ and PLC forums. are there any?

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I will admit, I am a bit lost on the DAQ stuff right now and a few of our DAQ projects could turn towards the PLC side a bit. I know some DAQ systems have outputs that may work fine for what we need but not sure.

So are there any forums out there that specialize in this stuff? NI only has about 10 thousand different DAQ cards, etc. I am getting a bit overwhelmed.


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I'm also interested. Although it's been a while since I took a PLCs class, it is refreshing to work with some real industrial digital electronics, esp with ladder logic ^-^


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If you just want to play around and get the feel for it check out ( bb-elec.com )
They have the complete PLR programming software for free!
Down load it and see what you can come up with! I use it and the PLR controllers for lots of custom control stuff!
They are simple, rugged, reliable and you can build a good basic control sytem for under $200.
PLus you can expand the base units with extra I/O moduals for added analog or logic input output capacity.

The free programing software is a super marketing strategy!


Thanks for the linky. Those are some neato relays there. I don;t think they are what we need right now but may be in the future. Thanks
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