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DALI TX opto should have higher CTR?


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Figure 5, page 3, of the following DALI application note (AN1465) shows optos being used to isolate both TX and RX DALI signals….

AN1465 Application note:

Though surely, the TX opto should be a TCLT1009 (CTR of TCLT1009 = 300%) and not a TCLT1000 (CTR of TCLT1000 = 50%)?

Also, surely the RX opto should be a TCLT1000, which it indeed is.

The reason that the RX opto should be a TCLT1000 is because it has a lower capacitance seen at its emitter pin which means the rise time of the emitter can be quicker. Do you agree?

TCLT100X opto datasheet:

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