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Crystal 16000.0

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Hi guys,

Hopefully an easy one.

I have a crystal pictured, I want to change the crystal.

Looking ideally for a Part number RS components or Farnell or any help just identifying this part.

Thanks Jason

Les Jones

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From page 12 of this link it looks like the package type you require is UM-5 Gull wing. RS and Farnell do not seem to have crystals in this package type. I have not seen that package type before.

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Thanks guys,
Sorry for the delay in replying. It has to be fairly close shape I guess but ultimately, if slightly different doesn't matter too much. Long as spec is same.

I'm only changing to see if it fixes a problem with a automotive pcb board I have that has failed. I have changes several other parts and though this could be the issue. for a couple of pounds worth replacing it.

I read that time and tempture effects these, and this automotive part lives inside the engine bay and get hot.

Thanks again.

Nigel Goodwin

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Crystals do occasionally fail, but it's really pretty rare - is the board not doing anything?, which is what you would expect if the crystal has stopped oscillating (the processor won't run) - drifting off tune slightly, probably wouldn't have any major effect, or any at all?.

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