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Couldn't resist ordering one of these [Teensy 4.0] today.


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I don't know what I will do with this it but it does appear that I will be doing it faster than I would without it [Is that a reason? Yes, I think so]. I don't care, toys are fun.

It does look impressive.

Nigel Goodwin

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Well I couldn't resist these, so I ordered 3 :D arrived today - but they use USB-C :banghead:
I don't have a USB-C lead :arghh: - so 've ordered one of those, from RS Components, so it'll arrive Monday. However, I've fitted a SIM card, soldered a couple of 18650's to the end of the battery lead - and admired it a bit :D


mvs sarma

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Good morning Nigel after a 3 year GAP, I am back here. ,
i too had bought one in order to make one SWR and Power meter, designed by Johan the details are at Groups.io under RADIOSTUFF.




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Came pretty quickly...I am tempted to play around with it this weekend. Also, there is an interesting thread at eevblog about it and their model and so on...new shiny penny d'jour or $20 monster? Don't know...don't even know what I will do with it, maybe a direction of arrival machine - been wanting to try that.


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