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Converting an old analog instrument cluster

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Hi, I want to replace an 35 year old analog car instrument cluster and replace it with an lcd panel display. I was thinking on removing the old gauges and replace them with lcd panels, and try to program it so it shows gauges or bars. The input will be directly from the sensors ( water temp, oil pressureand fuel level ) the amp will be changed to a voltimeter and pulses will be feeded from the speedometer cable. Maybe I could add a tach
Here comes the question
How will be the best way to do it?
One big pic controller for all or one small one for each gauge?
Can I connect 3 lcd panels to one controller and program what and how I want it to display?
All the help and suggestions are appreciated
Here is a picture of the cluster


Chose your display or display module first. If you use display modules that use an SPI protocol you can do it all from one pic. But if you do your own display modules you may need more than one to control them all. 1 main pic to do the sensors readings and then smaller one's to do the display control only. The big unknown is exactly what kind of displays you want to use.


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Take a look at the industrial LCD touch screens at bb-elec.com.
You can build the entire conversion system and make your custom (colored!) screen graphics and everything using industrial control and interface components!

Maybe a bit pricey but far faster and mort realiable than home built, plus the design software for the displays is not hard to use and can be changed any time you want!

I have pondered on this exact same display concept you are talking about for when I restore my 1952 international Pickup.
I work with industrial gear so I am sticking with what I am familiar with. A little custom dash work and an industrial LCD or two or three can fit right in!
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