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I have a horizon rst 5.6 electric treadmill. I was told the control board needs to be replaced, per sears repair. I priced new control boards and they cost $ 500. I need to know if I can turn this electric treadmill into a manual one. I need just the running board to work when I walk on it, without any electronics involved.


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By control board, do you mean the one in the console?
Do you have a model No. of the motor control board?
It may just need a 5k pot to run it, it won't give you the features of the original, obviously!


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Might be better if you say what the actual fault is, eg the motor does simply not run or control is erratic or the control panel does not respond etc?

Depending on the fault, it might be worth inspecting all the wires/connectors and pcbs for dry joints as the constant vibration it has to cope with can cause such failures.

If all else fails, as Max says it might be possible to run the Motor Control Board from a simple pot, bypassing the main control panel, but again without knowing the actual fault its hard to say.

Often its simpler and cheaper to buy a working second hand treadmill, you can get some good bargains if you search around.


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Manual treadmills are similar in design and function to automatic treadmills but lack a motor unit to drive the walking belt. Instead, you push the belt backward with your feet, gradually accelerating; eventually, momentum helps to keep the belt in motion. Despite this difference, manual treadmills experience some of the same problems faced by automatic treadmills, such as belt misalignment and insufficient lubrication.


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I need just the running board to work when I walk on it, without any electronics involved.
If the board is motor-driven, electronics are inevitably involved to control safe start-up, acceleration and speed. Without that control the motor would start at full-speed and throw you off the treadmill.

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