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convert convertible top from automatic to semi-electronic

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My car has an automatic convertible top that works through a series of powered motors and potentiometers. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work.

There is a way to disable the EMF that holds the top in place and manually raise and lower it- the only problem is that it will not lock into place when lowered.

The locking device is controlled by one motor that is running on the 12V supply of the car (13A max?). Is there any 'easy' way to bypass the electronic control module and put an on-off switch to the motor? If this is possible, the top can be lowered manually and locked in place by 'manually' controlling the locking motor. I can provide more detailed information if this is too vague.

Warning: I only know the basic electronics taught in physics classes, so more detail is better.

Thanks in advance!
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