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Control circuit for CFLs (compact fluoescent lamps)

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NXP semiconductors has brought about a new IC ( UBA2028) to control CFLs.

The chip offers flicker free start and and dim function.

Here are some details:

UBA 2028 Features

- Two internal 600 V, 3 max MOST half bridge powers.
- For steady state currents up to 280 mA.
- For ignition currents up to 1.5 A.
- Adjustable preheat time.
- Adjustable preheat current.
- Current controlled operating.
- Single ignition attempt.
- Adaptive non-overlap time control.
- Integrated high voltage level shift function.
- Power-down function.
- Protection against lamp failures or lamp removal.
- Capacitive mode protection.


5 W to 25 W dimmable CFLs, provided that the maximum junction temperature is not

The datasheet contains two full application schematics for 120 and 230V.

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