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Connector and cable advice

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i’m trying to find a robust cable and connector with 6 connections. I’ve found this connector which I like http://uk.farnell.com/souriau/uts6jc128s/plug-size-12-8-way-skt/dp/1208046 however it needs connector pins and they need to be crimped and the crimping tool is over £300 all together and it’s a massive investment for just 45 connectors.

I’m looking for advice to find out if it’s worth getting these things made up for me. This maybe more cost effective as the company will already have invested in the tool plus they’ll do a better job of it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Plus anyone know a company that does this?


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Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply, I think that these closed barrel pins are the only ones that work with this connector, at least thats what the farnell guy said. Do you think that that crimp tool would work on those? Would one use the holes in this tool to crimp this kind of p?
(FYI The cable size is 16 awg)



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The place I used to work used Amp CPC connectors with portable data collectors. They held up to abuse rather well and we used somewhat generic hand crimpers that didn't cost a large fortune.

We used the 4 pin version by the ton and also the 9 pin version.
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