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Connecting motor to wheel


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Use whichever method you feel most comfortable with, and most importantly, safest.

dr pepper

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For a quick & dirty prototype you could shave a gluestick so it fits in the wheel then drill and 8mm hole through it & screw it on.
Rough but quick.


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Ive only seen the couplers with up to 10mm bore unfortunatley. Have you actually seen an 8 to 13mm?
I recently bought several couplers from Skycraft surplus, which is a great store here in Orlando, that were multiple sizes. However, I had no difficulty in drilling out one end or the other, or even both ends, to allow it to fit as needed.
Give them a shot, good selection, cheap and been around for a long time. https://www.skycraftsurplus.com/


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I'm looking for ideas on how I could connect the following wheel, to the motor shaft below? Ideally, I would like to connect it directly, without a belt.

Wheel : Bore size 13mm
Motor : 8mm shaft diam, 25mm shaft length, M4 thread.

Any ideas?

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You may think that is a good idea but most motors have too much speed and not enough torque to directly drive a wheel that moves a car, a cart or whatever. Make sure your motor has enough torque for the job before you incest in the mechanical design effort.

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