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Concentrate Glo Poi Project

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So I have been looking around for nice pair of glo poi to spin but the only pair I could find to my caliber was nearly $200 for a pair!!! (not worth it in my book) I figured since I have moderate knowledge working with ic's and led's I could give it a shot I am looking for something similar to the ones on this site.
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Initially for a proto type I was looking to use one tri-color led and using a 555 to change the colors in sequence but have been running into problems with setting multiple patterns. Duh. I decided to check out some other possibilities and decided that three separate led’s with a larger ic was a better idea. I have been having a lot of trouble though finding information on a programmable ic I have been looking all around for ic's that would work with no luck. I thought a atmega16 might work but am not sure if multiple patterns can be stored and cycled through using a push button or if it would need to be attached to a pc all the time. I am looking to store about 20 patterns and power three led’s separately to create a whole range of colors and designs. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Nigel Goodwin

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My daughter does Poi as well, she's used illuminated ones (for a night procession), but the speed they move at means flashing probably isn't that effective?.

Electronically it's very simple anyway, a small PIC would allow you to do various patterns easily - the only problems are really mechanical.
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