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Competition #2: Mini Holiday Light Display Contest

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Is a video a MUST for this competion?

Unfortunately I'm one of the persons who doesn't possess a video camera, and the one built in my cell phone isn't worth thinking about.

I could of course post a sequence of photos if this OK.
I would love to see what you come up with. :) The rules say video but I will not stop you from entering a project with a sequence of still. The general membership will vote based on what they see...

FWIW most still cameras will take a few seconds of decent quality video.

I also will have a surprise for a Christmas gift contained in my project. (shipped free!)
I am clueless about this one. You are shipping a Christmas gift contained in your projec to who ?
Hi 3v0,

I'll try my best to get a usable video from a still picture camera.

My project contains a riddle to solve. (project in project) :)

I don't want to make it too difficult and will offer a multiple choice answer. There will a selection of at least six answers with only one true.

The rule(s) is (are) simple: the one solving the riddle first (according to reply date and time) will receive a typical Thai artwork sample. (no electronics involved).

One hint for everybody who will try to solve the riddle: get a bit familiar with star pictures - not the Big Dipper or Cassiopeia. They are too easy. :D


It is ....XXXX.....
(Lets see how long it takes the next person to figure it out)

Very nice concept and execution. :)

I assume this is a uC entry. Can you give us a image of it so we can see the hardware.
Easy enough, just copy your answer. :D

This is a non uC-entry. :) Schematic and pictures to follow.


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Orion is can be seen prominently from both hemispheres. In the North, the shoulder (Betelgeuze) appears up. John


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MHLDC: Deadline extended to January 11th 2009

The MHDLC light deadline has been extended to January 10th to allow students who were taking finals to take part.
Entries will be accepted up to 1AM GMT January 11th.

I would also like to remind you that Sunstone Circuit Boards is providing the lucky winners with $250 in custom PCBs.

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Orion is can be seen prominently from both hemispheres. In the North, the shoulder (Betelgeuze) appears up. John
That's absolutely correct. However, have you seen Orion (the hunter) at sleep yet? :)
My circuit has worked fault-free for over ten years, originally built on two PCBs for easier servicing. A comparable single-board design is possible if you choose. The PCB is designed around the optos and heatsinked triacs if more than 25 bulbs are used for each pulsed input. Fuses assure overload protection.
The small size makes it possible to conceal the circuit inside the attic behind the eavestroughing. An extension cord and switched timer can be added to the existing circuit, if no outlets are included in that home wiring circuit. Power line noise does not affect this circuit, especially furnace motor spikes.


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So far we only have two entries in the MHLDC. At this point both are set to win $125 in PCB manufacturing credits from Sunstone!

musthave - in the microcontroller catagory
Boncuk - non microcontroller catagory

Only entries posted to the entries thread will be included in the voting if you posted one in another thread repost it to the entries thread.

You can enter up to the time I post the voting thread on the 11th of January.

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My video is on VHS tape, which I gotta find and upload it to this post. It cannot be done in time for this contest. Being in a remote location away from the workbench is not good.
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