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coil gun question

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you dont actually need capacitors at all..all you need is magnet wire , wrapped around a tube , a battery , and a suitable projectile , preferably a neodyimium magnet..

Someone Electro

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You need a lot of curent to make it go anyware.You need to get more then 10A trough the coill(or 100A or more if you want it to fire the pojetile fast)

This an solar panel is not capable of.

You dont need an magnet.I use an ordanary nail that you find is any hardware store.But whith a magnet you dont need that critical timing.

A few car baterys in series cod work but its even more dengerus becose if this gets shoted the wires will melt from the hugh curent.

In practise its much beter to use caps.Some coilguns use as high as 800V!.I used 100V and if you toch it whith dry hands you get a litle shock.Wet hands can give you a storger shock but wont kill you.(I dont recomend trying it out on your thong LOL)

Also sohting caps is not as dengerus,becose it will only give an very high curent spike but it will be very short.So it wont melt the wires(Unles its an very thin wire)Just dont do it close to flamable things becose it makes an big spark.

You also need an SCR to controll this.SCRs are transistor like thingys that can swicth high voltags and curents.But once you triger it the only way to "un triger" it is to drop the curent that us switching below its rated holding curent.And it can be only fuly on or fully on nothing in betwen.

This is used to triger a coilgun since you cant use an swicth or reley becose the contacts wod practicly weld togeter becose of the curent.

Someone Electro

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Todays caps wont explode becose they have an safe fail point.The top of the cap will pop leting the preshure out.Realy old caps are not faill safe becose the dont have an weakpoit that wod let the preshure out.Those can explode.But only if you use them over there rated values.

No you cant stack transformers.


robotgangsta said:
well if u figure out a way i would like to know now i know there not that dangerous but im a saftey freak
The figuring out is not his job. The way to do this safely is to be knowledgable, learn electronics first. Then experiment with high voltage/energy. Coilgunning is electronics, if you struggle with knowing or not knowing how to charge caps, which caps may or may not explode and shock, and methods of voltage amplification, then you need to become proficient with these hurdles first. Else if you do fumble around and end up assembling a cg, it will just be a cut-n-paste, crude copy devoid of you own work, a facsimile.
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