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Ceramic capacitor value

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Hello Electro-Tech,

Found a bunch of capacitors in my electronics box.
Have scoured the 'net for some sort of identification.

Found some caps that are similar
which lead me to believe that the
50V at the bottom is the voltage max.

Any idea what the value is in farads?


Allen in Dallas


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Agree on the 0.1 uF suggestion. Measure it to confirm. I have tried to find the logo without success. My best guess is that part of the label is tolerance (z= +80%, -20%?) and maybe the temperature coefficient/dielectric type.

Tony Stewart

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I agree 0.1 (uF) Z = highest tolerance , Z5U = Class III general purpose ceramic (Class II = X7R , Class I = C0G/NP0)

Z5U are suitable for bypass coupling where dielectric losses, high insulation resistance and stability are not required.
Made of ferro-electric materials, Class III capacitors have the lowest stability, but the highest volumetric efficiency.
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