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CCFL inverter

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2PAC Mafia

Hi guys,

I´m trying to find a replacement backlight inverter to repair a customized on board 2 serial transformer inverter which is damaged at customized transformers. I took measurements from original working device making a 10 x 1Mohm resistor in serial line between common and hot to be able to measure, parallel to working CCFL. I measured 89Vrms and 36KHz signal on a resistor. I measured 180mA consumption difference at main 24V input with and without backlight.
I have tried to get the correct bright on the CCFL using 4 different backlight inverters but always the result is very low bright. The last one was 900V 35Khz (BXA-12529). The feeling is that it is not enough to trigger the CCFL.

Any advice to solve this?
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