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I have istalled a cb (president George) in my car (Hyundai Accent). When i transmit the car stops working. It is like i turn the engine off. I seems that there is an interference at the electronics of the car. Can anyone give a solution for that problem?? Perhaps there is a filter i can use in order to eliminate the interference.

The things that I'd check -
1. Is the power connection able to supply the current you require? You may have tapped in to a source and with the higher current demands of transmit it is affecting operation of the car.
2. Talk to Hyundai - it may be that their electronics are sensitive to this. It would seem that a 5 watt transmitter shouldn't do this but you never know.
3. Radio Shack and similar retailers sell noise filters that are used to keep engine noise out of radios and one might serve to keep RF from the transmitter out of the car electrical system - if that is the problem in the first place.
4. Unless there is some peculiar response to a harmonic from the transmiter it is unlikely that a filter on the output will be of any value because you will still have the greatest amount of energy being transmitted at the fundamental frequency - 27 mHz.

There may be other sources of info. I am an amateur radio operator and have access to some - write to me at
First try with another battery or mains power supply. If stopped the car also, the cause of problem coming from aerial. Have it good SWR?
Building on Sebi's thoughts - consider relocating the antenna, if that is possible, to a point further away from the engine.
Have your antenna or the cable or the connector check as they maybe the culprit for giving an rf bite that causes your car cpu to shutdown.
May i ask what year model is your car and what kind of antenna are you using and in which part of the car the antenna were installed?

I would like to thank all of you for the interest about my problem. I will give you more details. The battery is a new one, i bought it the previous week. The cable is the RG213 and is connected very well with the cb. So the power supply and the cable connection is sure that is fine. The antenna is located at the rear of the car.

So if you have something else, tell me

With regards
RG213 is sure an overkill . are you using a footwarmer (booster)? Usually
car antenna is supplied with an RG-58 coax so I'm pretty sure that you have modified your antenna with another coax. Try to recheck the connection specifically on the antenna side. One test you can make wereyou receiving any signal from nearby cber? disconnect the antenna connector from the back of your cb and test with an ohmeter for any short but hey what kind of antenna you have there? a shortened wip with a coil? If you can have an swr meter much easier to locate the problem.
I wrote try with another battery or mains power supply to determine the trouble coupling way. Where come from: via power wires or via radio frequency.

Sorry for my bad english, i never learn....
I don't think that it is a battery problem because when your car is operating the alternator is supplying the power to the car usage including the charging of your battery but if your alternator has a problem and battery is not properly been charge then you have a problem. :cry:
The proble is not in the battery and the alternator is working very well. I have done a test. I turned on the car and then i disconnected the battery from the car. So the only thing that was using the battery was the CB. The car was working fine with the lights on , radio on and other things.
When i press the microphone to speak then the car stopped.

I do not know what to do...................
I agree that the car is not the problem. I'm betting the CB is not internally fused and is not connected thru the fuse block. This causes any CB problem to effect the running of the car.

To track down your CB problem, connect your CB power wire through an ammeter and the antenna wire to a dummy load. Operate the radio without the car running. Try operating in the receive mode and transmit mode.

If the current draw is normal, take the ammeter out of the circuit and look for a problem with the antenna.

If the current draw is high (or zero), the problem is with the CB itself.
Kostakis - some other things to check

1. Where are you taking the power from for your CB? The current draw or RF from the transmitter may be impacting that circuit. For my ham radios in the car I run a line directly to the battery because the current requirements are so high. Make sure that it is fused correctly if you try this.

2. Can you measure the voltage at your CB when you are transmitting? If it drops significantly it might reveal a weakness in your electrical system that is also causing the engine to malfunction.

3. Is the CB well grounded to the chassis of the car? - shortest possible, substantial wire. The fact that the CB operates does not verify that you have a good ground to the chassis or negative of the electrical system.

4. Can you have a friend with a CB operate near your car? If another unit causes a problem this will help to know.

Like everyone else here, just giving you some ideas.
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