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Capacitive Sensing Technology

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Hi All,

I'm in the early stages of development to design a capacitive sensing trackball. The capacitive comes into play when having up to six switches I will need to detect. I'll be doing the hardware/firmware on the board and have some basic questions.

1. There is a lot of different technology out there(Microchip, Cypress and others) who already have their own capacitive sensing. I'd like to use one of these but am not sure exactly who's considered the best...or who is the best to simply detect a switch closure(in my case)

2. Last does anyone have experience using capacitive sensing for say... ~125 keys to do a full out keyboard? This is a little off topic but may change my design path considering I'd like to keep the same technology for both my new trackball and new keyboards if I decide to change their design.


Not open for further replies.

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