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can someone hepl, please?

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I have two toddlers at home and they are fascinated with keys, which makes leaving home very stressful. I remember, many years ago, market was flooded with voice activated key rings beepers, now days nobody seems to sell them any more.
Can someone help by sending schematic so I can try to make one?


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The cheapest thing to do is to hang the keys too high for the kids to reach. Seems like everything in our house of value was placed lower and lower as the kids got older and older.

The next cheapest idea is at Sharper Image Called "Now You Can Find It $50


If you just want to build something, consider a buzzer alarm attached to a key hook with a micro switch (Radio Shack #275-016) for activation.


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Bogdan, read the post once more. He has mentioned that these are not available any more.


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or how about another thing.....fox hunting...make a keychain from a simple clock circuit and a radio emitter and wich will beep. then use a dirsctional antenna and find it.....
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