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Can programming voltage stay or must change during programming?

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According to Atmel's datasheet for AT89Cx051, I was able to program it by making the reset pin value 12.5V and for the actual write, I toggled a port pin (I think P3.2). I did it that way because the datasheet showed a waveform for that port pin which suggests that I should toggle it.

Now I'm looking at programming a winbond micro w77e58. I'm reading its manual and it states:

"Program operation is done when VPP is reach to VCP (12.5V) level, CE set to low and OE set to high"

It mentions OE being port P3.7 and CE being port P3.6, but it doesn't show any waveforms, but just from looking at its text, its suggesting that to write a byte, I need to lower VPP to 5V then raise VPP to 12.5V.

Before I experiment the wrong way, could I also get away with programming this chip by keeping the voltage at 12.5V and toggling CE instead? If so, then My project will be substantially less difficult.
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