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Can I convert an audio Cd player into a VCD?

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Oh Yeah? Well, what if I DON'T let ya know! What then?

hehehe... The signal possessing range (bandwidth) for audio is approximately 20Hz to 20KHz. The range for Video is 20Hz to 4Mhz. That bout says it all.

nuff' said.


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yes, thats the audio side of it,
but the laser received signal has a much higher capability.

However i think that the laser is read and recorded
differently on PC CDs and VCDs than it is for audio.
And i think the latest DVDs have multiple laser heads.

You would have to get into the circuitry at quite a basic
level, and re build the signal amplifying circuitry.

You might be able to leave the existing laser steering
mechanisms in place.

It would be very involved.

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