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Can I connect this LCD to AVR?

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Hi for all experts...
I have a LCD like Attachment.
I open it from Germain phone. 10 pin that 2 pin are free with 3 backlight and one chip set below LCD that i don't read SR.
How i can find pinout for connecting to AVR ?



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Without a part number it's tough to say what it is. Character LCDs are not very expensive why not just buy one that has a datasheet?


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Well a simple Google of the Nokia 5110 LCD finds plenty of schematics.

PS if you don't fill out your location how would we know you're in Iran.

Sidenote your display isn't from a Nokia 5110, looks nothing like it.
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i register now.
this site is wonderful.
i want use graphic lcd with c programming and avr.
i research reference but ...
my language programming is poor!!!:(
my problem i can show image on the glcd but i have problem about show the array or character.

i want reference or good vivid example glcd.

very thanks.
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