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C to HEX


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You have to Compile the Source Code with Code Vision AVR.
First start "Check Syntax" in the Project Menu.
Check and debug the shown Errors, Warnings can be ignored sometimes.
But check them to go shure.
Then Start "Make" in the Project Menu.
A Window pops up that will show you the usage of the Controller resources.

At this time the .hex, the .eep an the .cof ( debug exchange file ) will be created.
It appears in the current CodeVision project folder and you can program it into the controller with PonyProg e.g.


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Ok thanks,

So CodeVision is able to do so. I will try it to see the result.
Do I need to do any extra task after onverting the file into the HEX so that I could use it in PonyProg too?



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You can use any programming software also PonyProg to write the .hex File into the controller.
When you have accessed the EEPROM in Source Code you should program the EEPROM space with the .eep File too.


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Can I ask why you chose CodeVision over AVR Studio?
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