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Burden Resistance/Measuring Resistance

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Hello, I want to use a voltage sensors for a closed loop operation of a dc/dc converter. The sensed voltage will be given to the ADC of a micro-controller. The output of the sensor will be a current (10mA- 25mA), so in order to convert to voltage I will have to put a burden resistor/measurement rersistor. Now the range of this resistor as mentioned in datasheet of the voltage sensor is given as 100 ohms to 300 ohms.
SO I have two options, either I can put a fixed resistance or a trimmer resistance(variable resistance). Trimmer resistance is better because I can adjust it later to get optimum value. But the problem is the available Trimmer resistance have higher tolerance values of around 10% compared to 0.5%-1% of that of fixed one. Will the tolearnce be a proble. Please explain.
Here is the schematic of closed loop (not exactly my project)


Here is the functional diagram of voltage sensor:
closedloop sensor.PNG

Also, see the attached datasheet of the voltage sensors.


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