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Building a TV-out for a USB hard drive - how?

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Hi All,
I don't know if I 'm in the right place but I'm having trouble figuring out who builds this kind of stuff. I have a portable hard drive which contains (will contain) photos in JPG and I want to learn how to build a Tv-out device so that I can plug it into a TV. Can anyone point in the right direction to learn this?



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Not only is this probably the wrong forum, but what you are asking is missing about a dozen steps.

You will not be able to pipe your external hard drive to a tv without MAJOR design work.

What you can try to do is buy a video card with tv-out (like ATI All-in-Wonder), then use a program on your computer to look at the jpg's on your hard drive.

good luck.


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check out Tivo schematics... if you can find them.

it is based on this premise and it might be possible to stack harddrives (ie, removable HD) so you can DL from net or camera and play on TV.

just a thought
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