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Building a MIDI retrofit for my synth, I need help!

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Hey everyone. I'm building a MIDI retrofit for my Polysix synth. This will be my first electronics project. It will involve loading a PIC16F84, and building a circuit based on that PIC to solder into the synth.

I've never programmed a pic before. Any suggestions on which programmer to buy? Also, where could I find all the parts in the circuit? Here's all of them:
Resistors (1/4W carbon or metal film):
R1 220R
R2 360R

C1 0.1uF multilayer
C2,C3 33pF ceramic

D1...D9 1N4148
IC1 6N137
IC2 PIC16F84 or 16C84
IC3 74HC148

Cristal or ceramic resonator:
X1 8MHz

DIP 18pin IC socket
PCB connectors (2pcs 2pin, 1pc 3pin, 1pc 4pin) or
break-a-way strip line connector
DIN 5pin/180degrees female panel-mount connector
Some cable (preferably color-coded)

Also, how will I be able to test if I've programmed the pic correctly?

Thanks for the help, I'm very new to electronics, so I'm glad to know a forum like this one.


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You can buy MIDI retrofit kits for the Polysix, but I'm guessing you knew that already and want to make your own.

Digikey and Mouser.com can provide the parts. (in the USA at least, I don't know where you're from).

Go to microchip.com, they are the makers of the PIC, there are programmers and development tools available there.

Have you ever done computer programming, in C or assembly? Knowing this will help a lot.

Do you have a schematic for the circuit? How are you going to interface into the Polysix? (I used to own one years ago, but I never retrofitted it).

I have an Alesis Andromeda now. :) And a few digital synths.
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