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Build a hifi audio mixer with preamp and tone controls


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I want to build an audio mixer to mix microphone inputs with other audio inputs such as guitar output, cd player output, then amplify the output of the mixer to sufficient levels to feed it to a audio power amplifier and finally add a tone control circuit to control bass, treble, mid etc. I want this circuit as a stereo circuit. The final audio output should be around 3 to 5 volt rms. Please help me.


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What is your level of knowledge and experience in electronics?
Start with a block diagram and a single-line diagram to identify your needs/wishes and come back here. E


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Homework: Go online and search for:

microphone mixer schematic
tone control schematic
audio mixer schematic

(without quotation marks)

For each of those, go to the images ans scan through a few dozen each. You will see similarities in the groups, a common way of doing the task. Do these circuit look like something you can build and test? If not, consider pre-assembled modules on ebay. There are a ton of them.



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schmitt trigger

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I have the printed version of that book. An absolute treasure!

Unfortunately those books were printed in poor paper stock. The pages have turned yellow and very brittle.

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