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broken power toggle?

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matt kreikamp

New Member
Hi guys recently the power switch on my blue tooth speaker stopped working I want to solder a new switch to the motherboard but am unsure which contacts to solder to sorry if this Is a stupid question but any help would be appreciated I'll leave some pics below

IMG_20160720_004428.jpg IMG_20160720_004353.jpg
First pic is of switch Second is back in switch which I was going to solder onto contacts if I can figer out which ones I need to solder to for a simple postive negitive switch if that makes sense thanks in advance for any help


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the 6 in the middle, the 2 on the sides are just to hold it down,

it looks like " dual post dual toggle "

dr pepper

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Answers from 2 doc's!
If you can live without the switch then if you take it off the board, take it apart and work out which pins connect to other pins when the switch is on then you could just put links in the board so that the device is on all the time.
If you allready have a slide swith with 6 pins that line up then as the other doc says ignore the outer 4.
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