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Confirmed Bring back titles for broken attachments

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The attachments are missing for this post and also for this thread. Perhaps, it's due to the site crash some months ago. But in the past I was able to get titles for the missing attachments from the non-working links and then using those titles was able to search my computer for the copies of those attachments. But now I don't even know the titles for those missing attachments. Is there a way out of this serious issue? Thank you.



Hi PG,

It seems that the attachments missing from the crash didn't import with any information at all to the new software. I've got backups of the titles so it won't be an issue to get them back, however it does take time.

I've actually been working constantly since (behind the scenes) on the file issue and have been slowly making things better. The attachments like these are the last on the list unfortunately, but I will get to them.

What I plan to do with them is make the links popup with a notice explaining that we had a crash and offering all possible information for the file such as the title.

The list of fixes that I've been working on are:
- Imported PDFs (mostly done)
- Imported Images
- Broken Attachments.

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