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boost the power of a 9v battery

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Nigel Goodwin

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First off it doesn't 'boost' the power - it actually reduces it, due to losses.

It's a 'stun gun' and it simply increases the voltage whilst reducing the current.


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The 9V "stun gun" has such low power that it might stun a fly.
If you feel its output then you might jump then laugh.
A little 9V battery is too small to produce much power.


audioguru, actually that's entirely not true. If the transformers in that circuit are even halfway decent you could easily step 9 volts up WELL past the ability to kill. If you don't believe me.
We carry high quality and affordable Stun Master Stun Guns like the Stun Master Hot Shot, Stun Master 625,000 Volt Stun Gun and the Stun Master 775,000 Volt Stun Gun

Sorry for the plug for the website, that's how the link copied.
I wouldn't help the poster out with his circuit because if the transformers/coils aren't properly valued to current limit they could easily kill someone. Best left to people that actually know what they're doing.
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