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Bluetooth query


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Hi Folks,
I'm not an electronics person at all...I'd just like someone to tell me if it's possible to use a small portable bluetooth microphone to send voice audio directly to a pair of bluetooth headphones or earbuds. I have some hearing loss issues which might be resolved by such an arrangement.
I hope someone can educate me just a little...Regards...Marinepics


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Yes, it is possible, in theory at least and with some customisation of parts.

But; Bluetooth audio has a delay due to buffering etc. which means anything you hear through it would be slightly out of step with anything you heard directly, or peoples mouth movements etc.
And your own voice, which tends to make people stutter if that is delayed.

Some form of analog wireless or non-bluetooth digital system would be better as there is no noticeable delay.
You can buy professional gear for stage use, which it may be possible to configure in that manner, but it would be expensive.

A wired system would be a fraction the price.

The only relatively low cost off-the-shelf style of device I can think of is a wireless Karaoke mic that has a receiver with headphone monitoring, if there is such a thing?


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Simply making all sounds louder is wrong.
The high sound frequencies need to be boosted for older people. The frequencies and amount of boost need to match the amount of hearing loss you have as measured by an audiologist.

My hearing aids wirelessly tell each other which setting (extra sensitivity, muting, noise reduction, front/back, left/right or music) to use.

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