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blocking oscillator design

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Hi All,

I am trrying to design a blocking oscillator. I have a transformer that has a primary about 15 Turns and a secondary with about 500 turns. The secondary has a center tap at 10 turns that could be used for feedback.

The circuit that I tried is shown in the attachment. It work fine if I do not connect the secondary to any load, but the moment I add a bridge rectifier to the secondary, the oscillations stop and the transistor gets really hot. can someone help me with what I am doing wrong?

I guess maybe I need a transformer with an independent feedback winding? I was hoping I could use the transformer I have with a tapped secondary.
In the schematic P$4 & P$2 were the places where I was attaching the bridge rectifier (1n4004 diodes in a full wave bridge)




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Hi, I had a quick look at your schematic, and at first glance, nothing appears wrong with the design. However, I would recommend that you check out other circuit designs, such as this one @ instructables
. It worked reasonably well when I tried it.
Hope this helps!


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It may help someone in the future, but the original poster has been gone for over six years.


Be careful with anything you read on destructables er I mean instructables - they're often written by people who know nothing or worse, they think they know more than they do.

That circuit looks fine though.
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