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bias current

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Can someone help me with this question:

If you make the bias current in entry step twice as much, what will happend to the loop gain Abeta?Explain

thanks in advance


You haven't provided enough information.

If you suddenly double the bias currents nothing should happen if everything remains equal but it won't, the gains of all the transistors will change and so could the DC operating point but your question is too vague, you need to post a schematic.


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Okay here are the entire questions

Show the results for a two-stage (AS-CE) feedback transimpedance amplifier.
The gain is set to At∞ =-1V/mA.

1. Draw Schedule for the amplifier realized with zero and Rs and RL drawn.
2. Enter the value of resistor in the feedback.
3. Draw small signal for the amplifier and set up an expression for the loop amplification Aβ.
ro, of the transistors can be neglected.
4. If you make the bias current in the input stage twice, what happens to the loop amplification Aβ? Explain why!
5. Give an expression for IC.

I have solved all question except for 4 can someone help me with that?thanks


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