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Beginning Components

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I went to TESST college of Technology 2 years ago and we would always build lots of little project. It was pretty cool how we always had the parts that the project called for.

I was wondering if there are any parts a hobbyist should have. What caps are most commonly used and what inductors are most commonly used and what resistors are most commonly used ect.

I know this is an off the wall question because all circuits need differnt values of components but i want to goto the store and buy a collection of components to keep at home so i can build almost any circuit on the net.

Can anyone generate a list like the following example:
   2 - 10uf
   1 - 100uf
I might be fooling myself by thinking such a list could keep me from running to the store everyday. I just want alot of commonly used parts so I only have to goto the store at most once a month


I would buy a capacitor kit and resistor kit, you get most of the parts you will need w/o having to order each one independently. Further, they usually come in a case with little labels on each compartment.


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I did a check on some online circuit pages and comprised some basic or more "commonly used" parts:

caps electrolytic:
100uf, 10uf, 4.7uf, 2.2uf, 1uf, 47uf, 3.3uf, 220uf, (different v's)
in my opinion, buying electrolytic kits sucks mainly because of the small variety, low quality, and sometimes they are salvaged (although they may say otherwise).

caps film/ceramic:
get a kit, there are far too many values

1/4w are most common, buy kit

555 timer, 556 dual timer, 386 op amp, 741 op amp, 324 quad op amp (common types)

1n4148, 1n4001-4007, zeners, 1n914

2N3904, 2n3906, 2n2222,

misc semis:
volt regulators (lm78xx positive regs, lm79xx negative regs, lm337 neg adjustable, lm317 positive adjustable), power transistors (tip31,41,42 etc)

leds, heatsinks TO220 case, switches dpdt/spst/spdt/etc, pots, var caps, etc

this is just a rough list i put up, open to criticism and additions/removals.

ivan c.

ps. might i recommed looking on ebay for lots of surplus and kits. Ive bought thousands of things off there.


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You might give this place a try. Their "gold paks" are basically surprise packages of random parts. Not exactly what you asked for, but it's an inexpensive way to stock your junkbox with certain kinds of components.


Anyone remember the old "polypaks"? They helped me get started in electronics back in the 70's. Only about 50% of the stuff worked, but it was fun. - CAL

Dean Huster

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Good ol' Polypaks! Where else could you buy 10 CK722 PNP transistors for $1.00? Remember their Lincoln sales? Buy one, get the second for a penny, wasn't it?

The place I really got deals from back around 1975 was a place in San Diego that operated mail order. They sold ICs CHEAP! You could buy a sleeve of 7490's for next to nothing, pennies on the dollar. Then a few years later, I read where the FBI raided and shut the place down for it seems that they dealt with stolen inventory!



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want components for free?

There is one place where you can get all the components in the world and can create any ckt of your choice, including a CRO, and any device required for testing.
Why don't you try a simulation software.
I have been using them over the years and they seem to work just fine. I dont need to spend a single penny on components and i do not rush to the store every time i fall short of a component.
Try Circuit Maker or Electronic Work Bench. Their demo versions are available on the net. The o/p of these softwares are fantastic.


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I have use simulators and they are great but i am a hand on kind of guy. I like to build stuff and watch it work. This is why im going to get the breadboards and the components.

But i just thought of something. All i really need is the cases that hold the components. My work has thousands of resistors and caps and such that i could :wink: borrow :wink: All i would have to buy are the ic's and a few diodes and ill be on my way. So where can i get some cheap cases which i can sort out and organize all my components.

PS. Thanx for taking me into the 70's it pretty cool listening to people talk about when they first started electronics and what was available then. I wasnt born until 82'
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