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Before I get electrocuted...

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Before I get electrocuted I thought I'd better get some help. How can I use two triacs to control BOTH sides of a 220-volt line simultaneously? (60Hz-USA) I can't use just one because the load is referenced to neutral/ground on both sides. Any thoughts?


Thanks, Sebi.
Question: Should a diac be used in the path of the phototransistor? Most data sheets I've seen require one. What does it actually do?


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DIAC is a trigger device, useable in dimmer circuits. For on-off switching no need. Or You need a dual-dimmer?
Hi Sebi,
No dimmer, just on-off. Thanks for the help.
Hi Agent 009,

Triacs and diacs belong to a special group of semiconductors known as "thyristors". This link might answer your question better than I can:

http://www.teccor.com/web/PDF Files/Power/an1001.pdf

Good luck!

ps-If you like AC projects, download all of Teccor's app notes! They're great!
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