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BB109G or BB409....similar???

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Hello! This is my first post! I am from Greece and i'm studing electronics. I found a circuit of a pll fm transmitter but i cant find here in greece the varicap BB109G or the BB409. The most popular diode for fm transmitter is BB105.
I found recently the BB809.
Here are the characteristics...Do u believe that it coulb be fine if i will use this one?If i will use the BB105G what could happen??
Thank you!!

BB109G C-D 30V 4.3-32pF 0R5 VHF
BB409 C-D 28V 5-32pF 0.4R VHF
BB809 C-D 28V 4-46pF VHF-tuning
BB105G C-D 30V 1.8-18pF 1R2 UHF
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