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Battery powered amp??

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Is it possible to build an amp that can be successfully powered by a 12V sealed lead battery?

I have tried two based on the TDA 2005 and the HA13118chips. Both work but the drain on the battery is such that the volume level drops very quickly.

The battery that I used was a 12V 5Ah which I thought would be sufficient. The power output required is about 10-12 watts.

Any suggestions gratefully received.



Sadly thats the best you will achieve........Your output power is the determining factor in how long the batteries last.........10-12 watts......assuming 60-70% efficiency, you input power is going to be higher....typically around 18 watts which equates to a current drain of around 1.5-1.8 amps. Even fully charged I'd expect the battery to start flagging after around 3 hours......
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