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AVR Timer

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I am using a Attiny2313 to create a PWM at PIN14 (OCOA). I assume that this will also set PIN9 (OCOB) as a PWM too since they share the same counter. What do I need to do in order to be able to use Pin9 as a normal I/O Pin. I don't want the timer to affect it!


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I guess You have set the COM0B0 and/or the COM0B1 bit in the TCCR01 to 1.
This activates the connection between the OCR0B Unit and the Pin.
Set both bits to 0 and the I/O Pin should work normal.
Take a look at the Datasheet at section 11.9.1 for further information.

I know the whole datasheet is very huge, but there are all the needed informations about the controller.
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