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Automation of MOLDING MACHINE using PLC and monitoring using SCADA technique

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hello i m shoaib,
i need some suggestions and solutions regarding my FYP project....
i want to automate an injection molding machine using FATEK FBs PLC and i want to monitor it using PC. For doing this i m having some problems

(i) I can arrange only FATEK PLC ,so the problem is this that how i interlink my PLC with PC?
(ii) On which software do i have to make the graphical representaion on PC (like SCADA monitoring) which supports the FATEK PLC?
(iiii) Is there any thing else required to connect in b/w PLC and PC?
(iv) What r the other parameters which i can monitor on PC in an injection molding machie instead of TEMPERATURE,PRESSURE, and SPEED?


What interfaces are available on the plc for communicating with a pc?

Does it have a serial port? Does it have some other type of comms port...?

Where I work we have a gas compressor that has a plc, it outputs data via a Modbus link to a SCADA system...

As for software...umm we use proprietry s/w, DeltaV

As for parameters, I'd have thought press/temp and speed would be enough, but I guess you could measure the volume/mass of the feedstock?


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yes it has a serial port.......and ethernet port as well.......
but i want to manitor the machine at a distance....so serial port would only use to
transfer the ladder logic program in PLC.....
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