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Auto recharge of inverter batteries

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Is it possible to recharge the feeding battery(ies) with the inverted voltage of the same pwm inverter? If yes, could somebody help provide me with the cicuit diagram, please.


I would say no....Your proposal isnt the standard way of using an inverter...

It is usual to provide a mains supply to a battery charger feeding a battery bank, that then in turn feeds the inverter, which in turn feeds a static switch.
The load is either fed by the inverter with the batteries float charging or else via the mains directly if the inverter is offline...

A static switch is placed in circuit to allow transferable switching with 'no disturbance' to the load, being syncronised to the incoming supply..
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I have seen from the previous postings that it is not possible to the output supply of the same inverter to recharge its battery. Thank a million times for your insight. I need to solve a problem with your assistance. So, other than driving an AC motor to produce, probably the desirable voltage, is it possiblbe to use an AC supply from a different inverter for charging the running battery? my e- mail is: [email protected]

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I would suggest you're looking for pertetual motion, which is an impossibility - it can't be done, silly idea.

Unless you mean something completely different?, you're not very clear.


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You need something that generates power to charge the batteries. Inverters only convert power from one form to another, not generate it.

You will need a solar panel, generator, AC mains, etc to charge the batteries. No way around it.
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