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Audio-Taper Response From Modified Linear Potentiometer 2015-06-08


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crutschow submitted a new article:

Audio-Taper Pot Response From Modified Linear Potentiometer - Simple Modification Allows Linear Potentiometer to Generate A Quasi Audio-Taper Logarithmic Response

For audio volume control an audio-taper (approximately logarithmic response) pot is desired so that the volume level change with pot rotation gives a perceived linear change in loudness level, due to the logarithmic response of the ear to sound level. Although reasonably common, sometime a audio-taper pot is not readily available, particularly for an odd form factor or dual pot configurations.

One solution to this is to add a single resistor from a linear pot wiper to ground. When sized...
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crutschow, your links don't take you to the article, although selecting the "Articles" tab does.

(Maybe I'm missing something...)?

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