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Audio amplifier, noob question


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The leads on your meter probably have a total resistance of about 0.4 ohms. Measure it by connecting the probes together. Then subtract it from all low value measurements.

Amit Ghosh

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While I'd agree some of these ic's are tricky with board layout and load impedance, the tda 2005 for me seems robust, I used one to drive scan coils on a monitor tube, and it was badly lashed up on some veroboard and it still worked fine.
If the thing is oscillating and you have no test gear, one crude way to check is monitor the temp of the ic, and the temp of the zobel network (cap and resistor on the o/p).
Please tell me how to assemble the tda2005 circuit on veroboard ?

Amit Ghosh

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I would create a little audio amplifier (stereo), so I bought a TDA2005.
Now I'm watching ST datasheet, but being a noob, I've some doubts: I'm not sure how wires should be linked from 3,5 jack (male that will be plugged on devices, as pc, smartphone, ...)

So, I'm here to ask you if my ideas are correct or wrong: I attach an image that show my assumptions...
Is right link left and right wires from jack to those 2.2uF capacitors?
2) Is right link groud from jack with all "ground" (that in image I "highlighted" with brown squares), even with negative pole of battery/power source?
3) Datasheet 2200uF capacitor, circled in red in the image, is not linked wrong and may explode? Is right 2200uF capacitor on the top in the figure?
4) Can I try circuit for few seconds/minutes on breadboard (signed max 2A), using 9V or 12V battery?

Thank You Very Much
How to mount tda2005 on breadboard ? Please tell


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This thread is over two years old. To get decent responses, start a new thread with your own question.



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You were given a good advice. Be polite enough to acknowledge it and move on.

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