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Audio Amplifier Designing Project

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Hi, I'm presently working on a mini school project involving designing of an Audio Amplifier. I'm still new here so hope someone can help me. I have no idea where the head or tail is in this. :cry:

Specifications :
Design a 1W Audio Amplifier with mute and volume control to be used in a colour television.The design should allow end-user to select two different types of frequency response, namely speech and music.The selected choice must be indicated on a visual display.

Electrical Design Conciderations :
The power supply line to the audio amplifier is 12V line from the secoundry of the 100KHz switching mode power supply.As the high frequency component may be present in the 12V line,sufficient filtering is to be ensured.
The input signal to the audio amplifier is derived from the sound demodulation otput of the SIF stage.The level of the base-band signal is about 0.5Vp-p at 1KHz. The end-user has a choice of selecting voice, music or mute mode.This could be done via the remote control switch which allows the "microP" to send an appropriate 2-bit signal to the audio amplifier.(The 2-bit signal can be simulated using mechanical switches).A transistor switching circuit using 5V supply should be employed for this purpose.

I'm suppose to come up with atleast the schematic design for this project by next tuesday. I'm using the TDA7052A audio ampiflier chip. Can someone please help me. Thanks alot in advance.
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