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I have an atpw524 3in 1 welder plasma cutter, tig and stick welder. I’ve owned it for about four months and the other day I was cutting a piece of metal and the overheat lights come on and now when I power it up and hit the trigger, the light comes on and I get no spark. Also, if I start it in stick mode, the lights come on instantly. It’s an inverter machine and has two switches on the front (one dptt and one dpst) when I test the switches for continuity, they test fine. Also, I’ve opened it up and fully inspected all the parts and can’t find anything wrong (ie; no scorched pcbs or swollen capacitors or anything else that I can see and all other testing is a deadend). The switches are cheap and I’m wondering if even though they test ok, could that be my problem? Am I missing something? I have a mm and power supply but my testing equipment is limited and my experience in electronics is nill at best. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
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It is under warranty but I’m having trouble contacting the company. Big mistake buying off eBay but if I’m stuck with it, I just want other options in case I have to fix it.
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Ok here’s my dilemma...... I bought this Chinese welder for $300 on e*^%. ( not bad to get into a welding outfit). I upgraded the leads and did some other modifications,ie; copper leads to the control board(copper instead of aluminum), but the thing is, during my modifications, I dropped a piece of screw on the main board and fired it up. Not sure if it fried the board or not or fried a switch. Plastic 15 amp switches. Or the board. Nothing on the boards look burnt (I checked them all. Out and back in. ) I’m planning on buying another welder just like this one for parts and I can get into it for another $200 and the price drops everyday. Also I’m learning electronics and what to see if I can diagnose and fix it myself. I have testing equipment(and basic knowledge of electronic, plus mm, ocilliscope,) nothing burnt, anywhere. I have updated switches and will keep you informed as to my progress. In the meantime, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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