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atpw524 trimmer pot question. burnt trace from 2nd and third trace or bus. dead short some where.

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I have an atpw524 that im trying to fix. another thread the information of what im going through so i wont go through it again. my problem is; i found a trimmer pot that was damaged(at least as far as i can tell). i took the trimmer pot out and found the trace was burnt from the 3-2 pins. not sure if i burnt it taking it out or that the reason for the dead short. when i test the trimmer pot, the readings jump all over the place(telling me the pot may be bad. but when i try another pot, no go. same over heat light. should i connect those two terminals in another way? i know i cant leave that connection open. another issue im having it the thin film resistor next to it, looks a little chared and there is a small hole in the solder joint(not the resistor itself and it measures the proper ohms as far i know. the resister is 203 thin film resistor and the pot is 3296 trimmer pot blue. im new at electronics and find it very interesting. some ask if its still under warrenty. im not sure. i would apreciate any and all advise in this matter. i just dont want to do more damage to the pcm by modifing it with a wire or just solder those two together. i replaced all the switches and pots on the ouside of the machine hoping that would solve my problem. my experiece and testing equipment is limited so any information would be greatly apeciated. by the way, i wasnt able to see the bad trimmer pot without some type of magnification. i have the problem area isolated to one particular spot. at least i hope


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