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ATMEGA324A - ECG Atmel Assembler programming using RS232

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Good evening, im 3rd year physics engineering course and we're doing an ECG in PCB and using ATMEGA324A as the microcontroller along with the biomedical engineering course.

Me and my group mates are having a really hard time with coding this, since we have absolutely no microcontroller programming background, let alone assembly programming bases, and this project has been an overall struggle.

So i'm here asking you guys for help, any books, online courses, pdf's or whatever help you could recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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I would suggest You not to us Assembler for such Controller.
I think it's better to use C.
At time I use the CodeVision C Compiler to set the Parameters of the Controller with the included Automatic Programm Generator.
Its free for smaller solutions, but source code limited.
Then I'll copy these settings into the AVR GCC Compiler.
Why that - The GCC is not Code Limited and has a very huge comunity at the internet.
A better way is to install AVR Studio 7, there is included the AVR GCC.
AVR GCC allows to include inline Assembler for time critical parts into the C-Code.
Also You can generate a stand allone Assembler Programm with this Studio.
You can download it from ATMEL Page.
In Studio is included a very powerful simulator, there You can Simulate the Parts of Your Programm.
It's importend to use the Datasheet of the used Controller.
E.g. For the A/D Converter You have 3 possibilities to set the reference Voltage.
Then the resolution is adjustible up to 10 Bit.
The A/D Clock has to be set too.
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