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Arrays - out of memory - how to compress

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Hey everyone,

Having a problem. Need something similar to 9 different arrays of about 15 items each. Problem is that I've got them and the rest of my needed variables all to fit into the 384 data memory of the 16F877. But the way I'm attempting to access the values inside, a series of if.. then.. else's runs me out of the 8192 program memory.

I know one way to minimize the size would be to program it in assembly, but I'd really rather not do that seeing it's size.

So, the question is this: How do I access the values in a particular address of an array in the most compact BASIC way.

Instead of the current way:

If AA<47 then
End if

Having this little loop like 15 times for 9 different arrays is killing the memory available. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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